Samstag, 29. Juli 2017

Glassbeadmaking with Enamels and Stringer mit Gay Massender

Day One
We will begin the day by pulling a variety of thicknesses of stringer and practice applying them on barrel shaped beads, learning whereabouts in the flame the bead needs to be and how much heat is needed within the bead in order to be able to achieve good results. 
Next we will make a murrini cane using Effetre glass, Thompson enamel and stringer. I will share with you some of my favourite recipes.  We will look at different methods for application on a test bead. Before going on to make our finished beads
We will prepare encased stringer, in several colours, using the striped encase method, to be used in our Posy Vase beads.
Kimono - Love Bird Bead
We will make the Kimono love bird bead, inspired by Japanese prints and kimono fabrics.   For our bead we will use encasing techniques and enamel application that give added depth to the bead before applying surface decoration using fine stringer and raking to complete our beads.
Posy Vases

This bead employs similar techniques to the Kimono bead, but has a two toned base, again we will add enamel and decoration under the encasing before applying surface decoration using our prepared murrini (for our first bead in this style) and encased stringer (for our second bead in this style).

Day Two

We will start the day by pulling a variety of enamelled stringer that will be used throughout all of the day’s beads.  We will explore mixing enamel colour.

We will apply fine stringer to a barrel bead in order to practice the application methods we will employ later in the day, such as a tapered end

Moonlight Tree Bead

Our first bead of the day will be a Moonlight Tree Bead.  Using sunset tones of glass and enamel to build a base bead.  We will use encasing techniques to add depth before applying surface decoration of fine black stringer, enamelled stringers and enamel powder.

Out to Sea

This bead will see us employ and practice many of the skills used in the Moonlight Tree Bead.  We will apply fine stringer to create a tapered end in order to add grasses to the surface of our bead. 


Across the River Scene Bead

This bead will build upon the skills explored in our earlier work.  In addition, we will begin to explore the possibilities for adding further depth to our work by using stringer to paint the base bead before encasing.  The foreground will be applied to the top of our bead in the form of fine stringer, enamelled stringer and enamel powder.

The class is hosted in ENGLISH!

Die Kurse beinhalten:
- inkl. Glas, ohne Brenner und Konzi (Aufpreis: € 50.-/Tag)
- Materialliste
- Verpflegung (Getränke, Mittagessen & Snackbuffet, Kaffee und Kuchen)
- Zertifikat von kulturART

LadenKonzept, 1090 Wien, Kolingasse 10 (leicht zu erreichen – U2 Schottentor)

KURS: 2-Tageskurs: 29./30. Juli 2017 von 10:00-18:00 Uhr, Kursgebühr: € 435.-

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