Samstag, 14. Januar 2017

Silver Glass for Glitter & Glamour Ringtops, and Angel Wings & 3-D Beads mit Anouk Jasperse

Day 1: Ringtops and Glitter & Glamour!
Working with silverglass, dichroic, goldstone, mica and murrini kan be a real challenge! How do you combine these ingredients into a stunning bead, when they are already a challenge to work with by themself? How bold can you go? Today you will learn all the tips & trics to create various Bollywood Pink colors! If you like pink, this is your day! But we don’t stop there, oh no… Pink loves glitter, so you will use dichroic, mica and goldstone in your designs as well.
After learnings the basics of working with these materials, we will use them in beads and… Ringtops! Ringtops are HOT!
Besides Bollywood Pink and Glitter, you will work with 3 other reduction glass colors as well and we will make the most incredible Glitter & Glamour beads EVER J.
After this day, you will know how to reduce, encase reduction and work with difficult stuff like dichroic, goldstone, mica, murrini and some stringerwork as well. Exciting and fun!

Techniques: - Hypnotize Ringtops
                    - Glitter Ringtops
                    - Silverglass Ringtops 


Day 2: 3D Lentils – Angel Wings
Are you fascinated by beads with a lot of depth, like a little universe captured in a piece of glass? Intricate designs, bold colors and not to forget BIG beads ? Then you should sign up for this class J! Because these beads are complex and do take quite some time to create, there are 2 seperate days with different designs and techniques. And the good thing is: you can use these techniques in so many different ways, from small to big beads. And of course, all these beads will be created with the desired silverglass!

Techniques: - Angel Wings
                    - Whirlpool
                    - Flower



 The class is hosting in German! | Der Kurs wird in Deutsch abgehalten!

Die Kurse beinhalten: 
- inkl. Material, ohne Brenner und Konzi (Aufpreis: € 50.-/Tag)
- Verpflegung (Getränke, Mittagessen & Snackbuffet, Kaffee und Kuchen)
- Kursbestätigung durch kulturART

LadenKonzept, 1090 Wien, Kolingasse 10 (leicht zu erreichen – U2 Schottentor)
KURS: 2-Tageskurs: 14./15. Jänner 2017 von 10:00-18:00 Uhr, Kursgebühr: € 435,00 (inkl. Material)

Info und Anmeldung per Email 

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