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Elise Strauss has been making glass beads since 1995. At first a hobby, she began devoting more and more time to learning the craft, culminating in the decision in 2007 to quit her job and career at Providence Hospital to indulge her passion on a full time basis. Since then, she was awarded a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Award in 2009, and has continued her quest to master the art of glass bead making by taking many classes and participating in other artistic endeavors that enrich her love of working with glass. 

In May of 2012, Elise travelled to Murano, Italy, to study under Lucio Bubacco. The week-long class opened her eyes to a treasure trove of new techniques, and being exposed to Lucio’s skill and passion for sculptural flameworking proved to be one of the most important moments in her life. His way of capturing movement in glass is the one achievement she aspires to; her work has tried to reflect that since her return. In 2015 Elise and her husband and two dogs moved to Salem, Oregon, after living in Alaska for 45 years. She continues to teach lampwork, make beads, and compete in agility, Nosework, and Barn Hunt with her dogs.

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