Samstag, 9. September 2017

Glassbeadmaking mit Michal Silberberg

In the workshop we will focus on exploring new color pallets and new design ideas through the Multistringer technique. 
During the workshop the students will make together a wide pallet of vibrant stringers using my special color recipes. We will apply the stringers into the bead and manipulate them in various ways to create beads in few styles. The students will learn the right way to keep each color sharp and distinguished in order to make harmonized, eye-­ pleasing surface. They will also learn how to use brass and graphite molds in order to maintain the colors and design in place.

The class is hosted in English!

Die Kurse beinhalten:
- inkl. Glas, ohne Brenner und Konzi (Aufpreis: € 50.-/Tag)
- Materialliste
- Verpflegung (Getränke, Mittagessen & Snackbuffet, Kaffee und Kuchen)
- Zertifikat von kulturART

LadenKonzept, 1090 Wien, Kolingasse 10 (leicht zu erreichen – U2 Schottentor)

KURS: 2-Tageskurs: 9./10. September 2017 von 10:00-18:00 Uhr, Kursgebühr: € 435.-

Anmeldung und Infos per Email

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