Samstag, 20. Mai 2017

Glassbeadmaking mit Michou Pascal Anderson

This two class day presents Michou’s 3-D encased bead, the inside outside bead and the surface decorated bead.
You will be making many different shapes with decoration.
Michou will be including her goldstone murrini and shard twisties, wig wags, using enamels, goldstone and dichroic. You will be encasing the design without blurring the lower design. There will be lots of tips on stringer control too.
She will also demonstrate how to make sculptural beads from the inside out, working from largest to smallest detail. Pulling and working with scissors. (Fishes, Hearts and Owls etc.)

Tag 1: Boh Hippies
Stripes and Dots
Material: Effetre/ Moretti Glass – Reichenback deep black

Tag 2: Inside Outside Beads
Sculpturing Beads, Fishes, Wheels and free shaped beads
Materials: Enamels, Goldstone and Dichroic Glass, Moretti/ Effetre Glass. We also need Shears!
Preparations: Goldstone murrinis, double stringer, blowing shards

Workshops in Deutsch und in English!

Die Kurse beinhalten:
- OHNE Brenner und Konzi (Aufpreis: € 50.-/Tag)  
- Glas & Materialliste
- Verpflegung (Getränke, Mittagessen & Snackbuffet, Kaffee und Kuchen)
- Zertifikat von kulturART

LadenKonzept, 1090 Wien, Kolingasse 10 (leicht zu erreichen – U2 Schottentor)

Kurs 1: 1-Tageskurs: 20. Mai 2017 von 10:00-17:00 Uhr, Kursgebühr: € 230,00
Kurs 2: 1-Tageskurs: 21. Mai 2017 von 10:00-17:00 Uhr, Kursgebühr: € 230,00
Kurs 2: 2-Tageskurs:  20./21. Mai 2017 von 10:00-17:00 Uhr, Kursgebühr: € 435,00

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