Samstag, 8. Juli 2017

Reverse Painting on glass mit Bronwen Heilmann

This is an intermediate class focusing on how to work with enamels and how to apply them.  We will be focusing on applying wet enamel, capturing your own line-drawings on a flat surface then, after firing the enamels; we will apply your image to a bead.

Day 1:  We will be creating our own one-of-a-kind small glass paintings.  We will learn how different brushes create different effects, and how to sign you name on your work. 

Day 2:  We will be lighting the torch and rolling up our sleeves, as well as our paintings, to create beautiful pieces of wearable art.  There will be a lot of hands on practice in order become comfortable with the amount of heat we need, and the new tools we will be using to make the images permanent on our bead.

 The class is hosted in ENGLISH!

Die Kurse beinhalten:
- inkl. Glas, ohne Brenner und Konzi (Aufpreis: € 50.-/Tag)
- Materialliste
- Verpflegung (Getränke, Mittagessen & Snackbuffet, Kaffee und Kuchen)
- Zertifikat von kulturART

LadenKonzept, 1090 Wien, Kolingasse 10 (leicht zu erreichen – U2 Schottentor)

KURS: 2-Tageskurs: 8./9. Juli 2017 von 10:00-18:00 Uhr, Kursgebühr: € 435.-

Anmeldung und Infos per Email

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